English- OF MICE AND MEN- Crooks

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English- OF MICE AND MEN- Crooks
1 Black people had few oppotunities
1.1 He's trapped on the ranch
1.2 He gives up on the dream farm
2 Racial segregation in the 1930s America
2.1 Not allowed in bunk house with other men
2.1.1 Privacy one of the only rights he has Racism makes him "aloof" Tries to hide his loneliness Candy thnks he's a "nice fella", but he's never been in Crooks Room Only Slim has Loneliness Reads books because he is lonly
3 Most people had a stereotypical view of black men in the 1930s
3.1 Crooks in a full character, not a stereotype
3.1.1 Educated and a big reader Has a past on his fathers chicken ranch Steinbeck makes the reader sympathetic to Crooks Steinbeck is saying black people are just as intelligent as white people
4 Black people experienced a lot of prejudice
4.1 Boss gives him "hell"
4.1.1 Forced to fight with another worker
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