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  1. Xenophobia: the fear of people who are different
    1. Deep fear can express itself in racially motivated violence
      1. Peer Pressure
        1. Lack of self love, feeling of unworthiness and desire to feel superior
      2. Ignorance of other cultures, religions, and values.
        1. Isolationist and protectionist foreign policies.
          1. Laws and government policies aimed at preventing immigration of people of different cultures and religions.
            1. Racism is used by governments to excuse systematic oppression and human rights abuses.
            2. Low self-esteem
            3. Fear of sharing power with other groups of people
              1. Historic patterns of prejudice, discrimination, and racism. Colonialism, historic hostilities, and the slave trade contribute to modern racism.
              2. Ignorance
                1. Being uneducated, unaware, or uninformed
                  1. Once a person grows up around racism, they become adapted to the lifestyle. They believe their ideas are right because they've never been corrected, and this is what they're used to.
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