Human Lifespan and Development

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Human Lifespan and Development
1 Infancy 0-2
1.1 Children can grow rapidly and devevolp a motor skill
2 Childhood 3-8
2.1 Children can grow rapidly and develop a motor skill
2.1.1 Gross motor Skill Allow a child to control large muscles for example arms and legs
2.1.2 Fine motor skill Allow children to control and co-ordinate their hands and fingers
3 Adolescence 9-18
3.1 Growth Spurts
3.1.1 A rapid increase in height over a short period of time
3.2 Sexual Maturity-When your reproductive organs are fully matured
3.3 Puberty
3.3.1 A period of change when a body reales chemicals called hormones
3.4 Primary Sexual Characteristics
3.4.1 These are present at birth Girls Vagina Ovaries Boys Penis Testes
3.5 Secondary Sexual Characteristics
3.5.1 These appear during puberty Girls Breasts enlarge Increased fat layers under the skin Boys Growth of facial hair Voice box grown and voice gets deeper
4 Early Adulthood 19-45
4.1 Physical Maturity
4.2 Reach full height and strength
4.3 Woman are at their most fertile
5 Late Adulthood 65+
5.1 Ageing Process
5.1.1 Loss of hearing
5.1.2 Loss of eye sight
6 Middle Adulthood 46-65
6.1 Ageing Process
6.1.1 Wrinkles
6.2 Menopause
6.2.1 When a woman periods stop Symstems Hot Flushes Night Sweats
6.3 Start to loose hair
7 P.I.E.S
7.1 Physical
7.1.1 Growth and other changes that happen to our body
7.2 Intellectual
7.2.1 The development of language, memory and thinking skills
7.2.2 Problem solving
7.2.3 Language development
7.2.4 Memory
7.2.5 Creative thinking
7.2.6 Moral development Right or wrong Manners The values people develop Ego centric You only think of yourself You only see the world through your own point of view
7.3 Social
7.3.1 The ability to form friendships and relationships Close friends Wider friends Formal friends
7.3.2 Independence Doing things on your own
7.4 Emotional
7.4.1 The ability to cope with feelings about ourselves and towards others
7.4.2 Contentment How happy someone is in their life
7.4.3 Secuirity feeling of safety and being loved
7.4.4 Bonding and attachment Bonds that you form with other people
7.4.5 Self image How people respect and value themselves
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