Cloud Computing

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About cloud computing

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Cloud Computing
1 Definition
1.1 Storing
1.2 Accessing


  • Storing and accessing data and program over the Internet instead of your computer's hard drive. 
1.3 the word "cloud" is just a metaphor
2 Characteristics
2.1 Broad Network Access
2.2 On Demand Service
2.3 Resource Pooling
3 Application
3.1 Computer
3.2 Smartphone
3.3 Laptop
3.4 Tablet
3.5 Database
3.6 Server
4 Advantages
4.1 Backup
4.2 Storage
4.3 Accessibility
4.4 Collaboration
5 How Cloud Computing Helps Schools
5.1 Potential Cost Savings


  • cheaper option for schools that face funding cuts yet still have to invest in technology to improve learning standards.
5.2 Increase Engagement and Productivity
5.2.1 mobility and flexibility
5.3 Privacy and Security Concerns
6 Disadvantages
6.1 Data Security
6.2 Unsolicited Advertising
7 Why Cloud Computing
7.1 No more carrying around devices
7.1.1 Thumbdrives
7.1.2 CD
7.2 Easy Access
7.2.1 Lesson plans
7.2.2 Grades
7.2.3 Notes
7.2.4 PowerPoint Slides
7.3 Stability
7.4 Shareability
7.4.1 Can share all of your files that you have stored
7.4.2 You just need to share the link
7.5 Collaboration
7.5.1 Pair work
7.5.2 Group work
7.6 Trackability
7.6.1 Can save multiple revisions of doc that can be trace back
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