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Actividad final

Resource summary

  1. Society
    1. Culture
      1. Enculturation
        1. Acculturation
          1. Ethnocentrism
            1. Otherness
              1. Cultural ecology
                1. Region of Mexico
                  1. Regionalism
                    1. Emic
                      1. Etic
                      2. Family
                        1. Types of family
                          1. Monogamy
                            1. Polygamy
                              1. Polygyny
                                1. Polyandry
                                2. Exogamous Marriage
                              2. Population growth
                                1. Identity
                                  1. Mexican identity
                                  2. State
                                    1. Affinity
                                    2. Social Science
                                      1. Anthropology
                                        1. Anthropological sub-disciplines
                                          1. - Physical anthropology
                                            1. -Archaeology
                                              1. - Anthropological linguistics
                                                1. - Cultural anthropology
                                                2. Ethnography
                                                  1. Ethnographic techniques
                                                    1. Diary
                                                      1. Participant observation
                                                        1. Life story
                                                          1. Testimony
                                                            1. Semi - structured interview
                                                            2. Qualitative method
                                                            3. Anthropological theories
                                                              1. Evolutionism
                                                                1. French structuralism
                                                                  1. neo-evolutionism
                                                                    1. Funcionalism
                                                                      1. Diffucionism
                                                                        1. Historical Particularism
                                                                    2. Conclusión: In this course and with this activity I learn that we are part of someting bigger and that we are a important part of the society and everything that is related with it
                                                                      1. In the course we learned different things that i was not interested in, but with all the activities and exercises that we did during the course makes me get interested in these topic because all of them were and are part of us and we need to learn about them if we want to make the differnce
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