Making a website managing impiulsivity

Braxx Bell
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Braxx Bell
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my mind map for how im going to make my website

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Making a website managing impiulsivity
    1. Time management skills
      1. appropriate software that is going to be used
        1. what resources are need for this assesment
          1. RESOURCES: computer, online booklet, mindmaping site, brief, Mrs Ronald
          2. RESEARCH
            1. what the client wants in the website
              1. and what your audience wants in the website/ to look like
              2. research what others use in their ones
                1. investigate and come up with a theme do target market/ research
                  1. survey audience on possible themes / what they are into
                  2. review the planning and make changes if needed
                    1. RESOURCES: computer/ internet, brief, survey clients and stakeholders
                    2. CONCEPTUAL DESIGN
                      1. work out what the structure of the site is going to look like
                        1. decided what the the page layout is going to look like
                          1. decide what is going to be on each page
                            1. check if the specs and design elements match the criteria
                              1. take it to the stakeholder and get client feedback to see if your on the right track
                                1. change the design if needed to
                                  1. go back to planning and see if anything needs changing
                                    1. RESOURCES: computer, client survey, paper, design elements and specs
                                    2. MAKE CONTENT TO PUT ON SITE
                                      1. Put in the info matching the topic given
                                        1. client feedback see what needs to be changed
                                          1. make changes if required
                                        2. use pictures and videos on website
                                          1. change planning if required
                                            1. RESOURCES: videos, pitures,client cheeck
                                            2. MAKE THE WEBSITE
                                              1. use the HTML code as well as the css
                                                1. learn how to use HTML
                                                  1. see what the client/ stakeholder thinks
                                                    1. make changes if needed
                                                  2. change planning if need to
                                                    1. notepad++ , html/css, software avalible
                                                    2. EVALUATE YOUR CREATION
                                                      1. test my website on six students to see if it works
                                                        1. give the fished and final piece to the stakeholder/ clients
                                                          1. see if what i have done is checked against the brief
                                                            1. go back and check that everything is done and completed
                                                              1. RESOURCES:computer,correct software, links working
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