Peacemaking, Peacekeeping, International Relations 1918-1936

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Peacemaking, Peacekeeping, International Relations 1918-1936
1 Peacemaking
1.1 Treaties
1.1.1 Versailles June 28, 1919 Assigns blame to Germany Reparations equivalent to 132 Billion Marks Disarmament Led to massive failure in Germany
1.1.2 Saint-Germain-En-Laye September 10, 1919 Allied Powers and Austria Major land losses for Austria Barred Austria from making Alliances without LON consent Disarmament
1.1.3 Neuilly-sur-Seine 27 November 1919 Allied Powers and Bulgaria Massive territory losses to Romania Reduction of Military Reparations
1.1.4 Trianon Hungary and Allied Powers 4 June 1920 Left Hungary with only 28% of pre-war Landmass 5 of 10 larges cities end up in other countries Reparations Disarmament
1.1.5 Sevres 10 August 1920 Ottoman Empire and Allied Powers Armenia Established as State Empire become economic puppet state Effectively the end of Ottoman Empire Disarmament Set up spheres of influence everywhere This is the root for most of Middle Easter problems we face today
2 Peacekeeping
2.1 The United Nations
2.1.1 USA not involved Makes ineffective USA is major power Isolationism
2.1.2 Ruhr Crisis Locarno Spring Gustav Stresmann as PM of Germany Called off resistance in Ruhr Says Germany will cooperate with Versailles and Borders Locarno Treaty Belgium, France, UK, Germany Germany is LON Member as long as they respect borders But no guarantee of eastern borders which led to Hitler's expansion Germany fails to pay reparations France invades Ruhr region Germany adopts passive resistance Strikes cause hyper-inflation Britain disapproves Made Germans ready to accept extremist ideas like Nazism
3 International Relations
4.1 Unification of Germany
4.2 Assassination of Franz Ferdinand
4.2.1 Blank Check
4.2.2 Russia Mobilizes War across Europe Britain, France, Russia, US, and Italy = Allies Germany, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire = Central Powers

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