A451 - 1.1: Ethical, Environmental and Legal Considerations

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Mindmap for OCR GCSE Computer science 2.1.1

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A451 - 1.1: Ethical, Environmental and Legal Considerations
  1. Computer Misuse Act of 1990
    1. It created three new offences:
      1. Unauthorised access to Computer Material
        1. Unauthorised access with intent to commit a crime
          1. Unauthorised modification of computer material
          2. Copyright, Designs and Patents Act
            1. Typical Breaches of the CDP Act are:
              1. Using Unlicensed Software
                1. Downloading Music illegally
                  1. Streaming movies illegally
                    1. Copying work, claiming it as your own (Plagiarism)
                  2. Data Protection Act 1998
                    1. Aim is to protect people's personal data
                      1. Who is able to access the data?
                        1. Is the data still accurate?
                          1. Will the data be sold?
                            1. Will data be removed if it is no longer needed for its original purpose
                          2. Recycling
                            1. Computers use a lot of raw material
                              1. At the end of a computers life it is more environmentally and economically better to recycle the useful parts
                                1. WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) dispose of old equipment and recycle it.
                                  1. Some companies refurbish old computers and sell 'em
                                    1. This lets someone who can't afford a new computer use an older one and the Computer stays useful for longer and avoids recycling for the time being
                                    2. Energy Use
                                      1. Some computers have a sleep/hibernate system, this saves some energy
                                      2. Ethics
                                        1. Some ethical Issues
                                          1. Replacing workers with machines
                                            1. Computing and Privacy
                                              1. Responsibility of Computer Professionals
                                                1. Computing Disablity
                                                  1. Computing and Political Freedom
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