Task 7

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Task 7

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Task 7
  1. These two pictures are from my Preliminary Task and as you can see we did very well at not crossing the 180 degree rule, but as you can see there is a bag in the way in the lower photo. We also found it quite easy to do a shot/reverse shot but we struggled to add in a match on action shot. We also found it difficult to add in transitions and make it flow how it should of.
    1. We weren't very adventurous with shot types, we simply did profile, back or side shots which at the time i thought were great but they weren't as good as i thought.
    2. These three pictures are from my final film which we found quite easy to edit and change to create a good film opening. We found it very easy to edit our film because we knew what had to come in and go; we also knew what our transitions were going to look like which helped a lot.
      1. We successfully stuck to the 180 degree rule because a film and this film would look very bad with it being broken, we also used shot/reverse shot in the film which played a important role to represent Jo's emotions correctly. However i don't think we used a match on action shot in the final film.
        1. In my final film as a group we planned many shots that we wanted to use and do to ensure we had a good looking film that also showed our skills as amateur film makers. We also wanted to go against the norm of doing feet or leg shots and tried to do lower back shots to be adventurous.
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