Curley's Wife

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Curley's Wife
  1. Hopes & Dreams
    1. "He says he was gonna put me in the movies, he says I was a natural"
      1. Famous Actress
      2. Item
        1. Dress
          1. Symbolizes her objectification
            1. The dress symbolizes that she is beautiful however also shows that she is an item to the Curley, rather than a person.
          2. Context
            1. "Rat-trap"
              1. "Jailbait"
                1. She is called "Jailbait" and "Rat-trap" because her physical appearance and the way she acts would cause somebody to believe that she is single when she is actually married which could therefore get people into trouble.
              2. What she says to other people
                1. "I could get you strung up so easy it ain't even funny"
                  1. "who could blame a guy for looking?"
                    1. She says these things to other people to make herself feel better and more powerful when in actual fact she is actually powerless and insecure
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