Social Groups alterntive

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Social Groups alterntive
  1. Alternatives
    1. These are opposite to mainstream and what it stands for
      1. This means that they would watch our productions since its aimed at a niche audience so they are more likey to watch it because the mainsteeam wouldn't.
      2. Internet culture means the alternative hasn't been so accessible
        1. This again means it'll appeal to them due to social media as they may share this so the alternatives might advertise this with their friend creating a wider audience.
          1. Alternatives are a very large social group and are expanding especially in England so it'll attract more to watch our production.
      3. Leading Edge
        1. Leaving for the here and now
          1. So they'll watch our production as its new
          2. They are very influential towards the cooler brands
            1. They aim to be a head of the crowds
              1. This means they will want to be one of the first to watch it
                1. After they may use social media to blog about it after attracting more views to our production
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