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Question 4

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    Caption: : Photoshop CS2
    We have used this program to design and create the ancillary tasks. By using this we ended up with a complete Poster for our film and a complete magazine cover advertising the film. We mostly used this program in the construction stage, and only for the other stages when editing images or making them the right size so they can fit on the blog.

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    We used Prezi to present information on most of the research stage. Also this program is very easy to use and it can present information very effectively. In Prezi you can insert images and videos to further display information. Also it is very easy to put on the blog as it changes itself to fit the blog size and therefore is very good.
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    Ive used Blogger to present all of my work and is the base to all my research. In blogger you can insert pictures videos and embed many presentation techniques that are listed here.
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    Final Cut Pro
    We mainly used this program during the post production stage. The program allowed us to import pictures and videos onto the computer where we could edit them into our final production. We used this instead of iMovie because this program has many advanced options and it made our trailer look more professional. We found at first that the program was hard o use as we had to use different options than before, but once we got used to it, we could use it very well. Also we could import from other media sources like GarageBand.
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    Caption: :
    We have used IMDb throughout my research into different movies. We mainly used it for our research into horror trailers and then we analysed them. Also IMDb is good because we can search up a specific genre and find all the movies that link in to the genre so it was very easy to find the movies we needed. We also used this website to find out the budgets of the films and the total gross in different countries.

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    Caption: :
    I have used survey monkey to construct interactive surveys that anyone can complete. This is a good way to get large amounts to people to participate in survey as it can be sent to large amounts of people in a small amount of time.

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    Caption: :
    I have used YouTube to research into existing media and also students work to gain ideas for our own piece. Also we used this as a platform to present our work and also find tutorials on how to do different things during the post-production stages.

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    We used a tripod during the filming of our trailer. We did this because we wanted in some shots for the camera to be very steady. We also did this so we could turn the camera smoothly whilst filming a tracking shot. We borrowed this equipment from college.
    Caption: : TriPOD

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    We used a Nikon camera to record our trailer with. This was a good camera because we could film in a higher quality than the other camera and it made our trailer look more professional. Also the camera had auto focus and manual focus. This is good because we could get the right shots for each of the scenes in the trailer. This camera also had a lot of options we could film with so we could get the best quality we could possibly get. We were able to borrow this camera from the college and also it has a clip on the bottom of it so we can easily attach it to the tripod.
    Caption: : Niko(n)

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    We mainly used Freesound to find our music for the trailer. The music we have is copyright free so we could use as much as we could of it. It is an easy website to use as all we had to do is make an account and search for the right genre of sound we wanted which was horror. Also you can download the sounds off the website and import it easily into the movie.
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    We used Skype to conduct out focus group as it was easy for us to use. Also it was very hard to get everyone in the same place at the same time so with Skype we could have everyone at different places and also conduct the focus group effectively over the internet. Also with Skype you can use mics to speak to each other and also because it is on the computer, you can use audio recording software to record what everyone is saying.
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    Media Weebly
    We used Media Weebly to help us with our research. This helped us conduct research on existing media and also gave us help with how to set up our own blog. It also gave us information on what level we are aiming for and how we could improve our own research and blog.
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    I have used Slideshare to present some of my research. This website was very useful as I could make a PowerPoint and the import it onto slideshare so I could then present it onto my blog. Also slide share has many characteristics of PowerPoint so it was very easy to use.
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