Jean Louise Finch (Scout)


Describes Scout Finch (some information copied from BBC Bitesize)
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Jean Louise Finch (Scout)
  1. Age
    1. Six at the beginning of the novel
      1. Nine at the end of the novel
      2. She has a very close relationship with her brother, Jem.
        1. She is very intelligent
          1. She could read and write before starting school
            1. Hates school as she becomes bored and tries to persuade her Father, Atticus, not to make her go
          2. Narrator of the novel
            1. She is a tomboy
              1. Resists her Aunt Alexandra's attemps to turn her into a 'lady' by making her wear dresses
              2. She is not afraid to fight people who insult Atticus
                1. She is inquisitive
                  1. Wants to know about Boo Radley
                  2. She is well-meaning and thnks the best of people
                    1. She thinks of others
                      1. She tries to explain to her teacher why Walter Cunningham can't be loaned any lunch money
                        1. right at the end, she knows Boo will be happier in the dark of the back porch, and she arranges his arm so that it looks like he is escorting her when she leads him back to his house.
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