Opposition to the regime

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The opposition to the Tsarist regime in section 1

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Opposition to the regime
  1. The Intelligentsia
    1. Establishment of Young Russia
      1. behind a series of fires in St. Petersburg in 1862
        1. 2000 shops destroyed
      2. Size and influence grow in the 1870s
        1. Development of law courts
          1. Created a group of professionally trained lawyers who challenged authority
          2. Younger members influenced by Nihilists
            1. Radical change
              1. Hostile towards the Tsar and Church
                1. Argued that revolution was the way forward
                  1. Wanted to sweep away anything from the past to form a new society
                    1. 'bloody and merciless revolution'
                  2. The Populists
                    1. Tried to turn the peasants against the autocracy
                      1. Peasants were hostile due to superstition, prejudice and deep-rooted loyalty to the Tsar
                      2. Socialist ideas
                        1. Used tax burden and lack of of land to try and rally support
                          1. future depended on land redistribution and the development of peasant communes
                          2. 1600 arrested
                            1. Set up Land and Liberty
                              1. Assassinated head of 3rd Section and Prince Kroptkin
                                1. more organised and radical
                                  1. had talks with the Zemstva to try and place more pressure on the autocracy for constitutional monarchy
                                  2. Mikhail Romas
                                    1. Peasants murdered his assistant, blew up shops and blamed it on him in order to attack him
                                  3. Black Partition
                                    1. worked peacefully with the peasants
                                      1. Weakened by arrests
                                        1. led by Georgi Plekhanov
                                          1. 1903 became a menshevik while in exile
                                            1. Father of Russian Marxism
                                            2. Aimed to 'Partition the black soil' provinces
                                              1. Spread radical material among students and workers
                                                1. 1881 weakened by arrests and broke up
                                                  1. formed the 'Emancipation of labour' in Geneva
                                                2. The People's Will
                                                  1. Larger than Black Partition
                                                    1. Bombed the Tsar's train --> FAILED
                                                      1. Bombed a bridge --> FAILED
                                                        1. Bomb in the basement of the Winter Palace, killed 12 but FAILED
                                                          1. Demanded the Tsar step down or die
                                                            1. Assassinated him, March 13 1881
                                                              1. Attacked on his journey to the Winter Palace where he was planning a constitutional monarchy
                                                              2. Led by Mikhailov
                                                                1. executed after the assassination
                                                                2. successfully planted a spy in the Third Section to avoid arrests and attacks
                                                                3. Marxism
                                                                  1. Dictatorship of the proletariat
                                                                    1. Continuous class struggle
                                                                      1. Bourgeoisie overthrown
                                                                      2. Significance of oppression
                                                                        1. government failures and assassinations showed lack of authority
                                                                          1. reform from below' spread geographically and socially
                                                                            1. Moderates used the rise of radicals to pressure the Tsar
                                                                              1. Censorship became a point of discontent
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