Childhood Illnesses

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Childhood Illnesses
  1. How to present my work
    1. Powerpoint
      1. Booklet
        1. Leaflet
        2. Common Illness
          1. Chicken Pox
            1. Diarrhea
              1. Tonsillitus
                1. Measles
                  1. Mumps
                    1. Hayfever
                      1. Meningitis
                        1. Teething
                          1. Earache
                            1. Sore throat
                              1. Vomiting
                                1. Nosebleeds
                                  1. Mouth Ulcers
                                    1. Heat Rash
                                    2. Research
                                      1. Primary
                                        1. Parents
                                          1. GP
                                            1. Doctor
                                              1. Nurse
                                              2. Secondary
                                                1. Books
                                                  1. Internet
                                                    1. Posters
                                                  2. Target Audience
                                                    1. New parents
                                                      1. Families
                                                        1. Teachers
                                                          1. Child Minders
                                                            1. Young mums and dads
                                                              1. Teenage parents
                                                              2. Looking after children
                                                                1. Read to them
                                                                  1. Audio Books
                                                                    1. Books with pictures
                                                                      1. Activity Books
                                                                      2. Play
                                                                        1. Puzzles
                                                                          1. Crafts
                                                                            1. Drawing
                                                                              1. Colouring books
                                                                              2. Films
                                                                              3. Purpose
                                                                                1. Inform parents with common sympotms
                                                                                  1. Educate parents with the differences between illnesses
                                                                                    1. How to care for children from home
                                                                                      1. List common childhood illnesses
                                                                                        1. Inform and educate new mums and teenagers of when to go to the doctors and when not to
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