Expected Knowledge of CCIFP Certification Exam

Christopher Zaucha
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Christopher Zaucha
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Mind map detailing the expected knowledge of the CCIFP Certification Exam

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Expected Knowledge of CCIFP Certification Exam
    1. Accounting standards and guidelines
      1. Basic methods of accounting
        1. Construction equipment
          1. Costs in excess and billings in excess
            1. Financial statements
              1. Subcontractor payables
                1. Capitalized interest
                  1. Receivables
                    1. Project management
                      1. Joint ventures
                      2. II. INCOME RECOGNITION METHODS (20%)
                        1. Financial reporting
                          1. Percentage-of-completion accounting method
                            1. Contract revenues
                              1. Contract costs
                                1. Independent construction audit
                                  1. Accounting for the effects of change in estimates
                                    1. Completed-contract accounting method
                                    2. III. BUDGETING AND PLANNING (11%)
                                      1. Strategic planning
                                        1. Strategic cost management
                                          1. Cash management
                                            1. Capital budgeting
                                            2. IV. RISK MANAGEMENT (14%)
                                              1. Risk management responsibilities
                                                1. Construction-related insurance
                                                  1. Surety
                                                  2. V. TAXES (5%)
                                                    1. Accounting methods unique to the construction industry
                                                      1. Tax filing
                                                      2. VI. HUMAN RESOURCES (6%)
                                                        1. Compensation
                                                          1. Employee benefit plans
                                                            1. Accounting/finance department administration
                                                            2. VII. LEGAL (11%)
                                                              1. Preparation and review of contracts
                                                                1. Subcontracts
                                                                  1. Applicable laws
                                                                    1. Warranties
                                                                      1. Alternatives to litigation
                                                                      2. VIII. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (3%)
                                                                        1. Applications for construction management
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