Physics 3

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Physics 3
  1. Using X Rays
    1. They have high intensity and high energy waves
      1. They are used in :
        1. Industry
          1. Airports
            1. Medicine
              1. They produce 3D Images
                1. Phototgraphic film
        2. The risk can be that the cells can become cancerous
        3. Ultrasound
          1. Travels through tissue and other materials
            1. F-SxT
              1. A gel is placed on the skin so it dosent reflect back
            2. Refraction
              1. Light changes direction
                1. F-Sin I / Sin R
                  1. I is the angle of incidence
                    1. R is angle of refraction
                    2. Lenses use refraction to form and image
                      1. If a lens has a short focus length it can be curved
                      2. Light
                        1. Optic fibres are made from flexible glass
                          1. An endoscope uses optic fibres
                            1. Reflects light of internal organs onto camera
                          2. Refractive index 1-sin c
                          3. Centre of mass
                            1. Centre of mass is when the mass is concentrated through a object
                              1. Stable objects made have a wide base
                                1. Be short
                                  1. Thier mass concentrated at base
                              2. Moments
                                1. The turning effect of a force is called moment
                                  1. Moment= force X perpendicular
                                    1. Levers change the size of force needed
                                      1. Mass lies outside the base
                                        1. Hydraulics
                                          1. liquids are incompressible
                                            1. Pipes are used to transmit forces
                                              1. A hydralic system can increase a forcw
                                                1. A smaller piston moves a larger distance
                                              2. Circular Motion
                                                1. When an object changes or direction making a force
                                                  1. Direction changes so velocity changes
                                                    1. The force is called a centripetal force
                                                      1. Centripetal force increases if :
                                                        1. The speed increases
                                                          1. mass increases
                                                            1. radius increases
                                                      2. Electromagnetic Force
                                                        1. A magnetic field is produced around the wire creating an electromagnet
                                                          1. The motor increases if
                                                            1. The current increases
                                                              1. Stronger magnet
                                                                1. Flemings left hand rule
                                                              2. Transformers
                                                                1. to increase or decrease power in an electromagnet
                                                                  1. Used in things such as mobile phones
                                                                    1. They increase potential difference
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