Principles of Training

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Principles of Training
  1. Specificity
    1. Training is relevant to the sport that the performer is training for. This can be achieved by concentrating training towards specific muscle groups.
      1. For example, a rower would train on a rowing machine
      2. Progressive Overload
        1. Gradually increasing the amount of work in training so that the performer can experience the gains of fitness without the potential of injury.
          1. Time
            1. e.g. 20min session, 25min session, 30min session
              1. How logn training is carried out
              2. Intensity
                1. e.g. 1 set of 5 reps (5kg), 2 sets of 5 reps (5kg), 2 sets of 5 reps (10kg)
                  1. How hard the training session is
                  2. Frequency
                    1. e.g. Training once a week, to twice a week, to three times a week.
                      1. How often training is carried out
                      2. Type
                        1. e.g. A shot putter would use weight training to improve their strength
                          1. The type of training which is carried out (links to specificity)
                      3. Individual Needs
                        1. Matching the training to the requirements of the individual. Individual needs are assessed by carrying out fitness tests.
                        2. Rest
                          1. Recovery
                            1. The time required for the body to repair from the damage done by physical activity. Overtraining can occur if this principle is not applied correctly.
                            2. Allowing time for recovery.
                              1. For example, a rest day can be put into a training programme and the intensity can be alternated.
                              2. Reversibility
                                1. Once you get fit you have to maintain, you can't work this hard then mess up. A performer can suffer from reversibility due to injury, illness or a holiday.
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