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General terms
1 Human Growth
1.1 Increase in Physical Size of the body because the number of body cells increases


  • E.g Weight and Height
2 Human Development
2.1 Increase in Skills and development of abilities and emotions
3 Areas of Development
3.1 Physical
3.2 Emotional
3.3 Intellectual
3.4 Social
4 Physical Development
4.1 Refers to gain of Control Over Our bodies
5 Intellectual Development
5.1 Refers to the ability to recognize and remember things
6 Emotional Development
6.1 Refers to the development of feelings and how they affect the way we behave
7 Social Development
7.1 Refers to our relationships with other people
8 Life Stages
8.1 Infancy
8.1.1 0-3 years
8.2 Childhood
8.2.1 4-10 years
8.3 Adolescence
8.3.1 11-18 years
8.4 Adulthood
8.4.1 19- 64
8.5 Later Adulthood
8.5.1 65- death
9 Gross Motor Skills
9.1 Refers to the physical skills we learn that take bigger muscles
9.1.1 Walking
9.1.2 Running
10 Fine Motor Skills
10.1 More delicate physical Skills
10.1.1 Drawing
10.1.2 Writing
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