10) What constitutional reforms have the coalition proposed?


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10) What constitutional reforms have the coalition proposed?
  1. Bill of rights& judiciary
    1. Bill of Rights & Judiciary: Conservatives want to replace the Human Rights Act with a British Bill of Rights. – partly supported by Lib Dems.
      1. For a bill of rights
        1. o It would provide ownership and promote citizenship o It would protect citizens from state power o It would unify our laws. o It would protect the right for privacy and other civil liberties
        2. Against a bill of rights
          1. o The Human rights act is already doing the job therefore a bill of rights wouldn’t help o It would undermine parliamentary sovereignty
        3. Electoral Reform
          1. Electoral Reform for the HoC: Lib Dems favour using proportional representation, specifically the STV system… whereas the Conservatives favour ‘first past the post’ system.
          2. Lords Reform
            1. Lords Reform: Both parties committed to a largely (or entirely) elected second chamber – however, many Conservative MPs are anxious that an elected second chamber may rival the Commons in the future
            2. Europe
              1. Europe: Conservatives have led policy with the support of Lib Dems – requirement that a referendum is held before any future transfer of power to Brussels is accepted is agreed to by most Lib Dems – its implications are EUROSCEPTICAL.
                1. Referendum provides an obstacle to further European integration. Membership of the Euro has already been ruled out.
                2. Devolution
                  1. The coalition have agreed to hold a referendum on further Welsh devolution, involving law-making power.
                    1. It does not extend to a federalist system (which Lib Dems support) and Conservatives have recognised that this process does not threaten the unity of the UK
                      1. In response, a committee has been set up to investigate imbalances created through Scottish devolution.
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