(6) Comparisons between US and British constitution


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(6) Comparisons between US and British constitution
  1. Strengths
    1. US
      1. Codified
        1. Accountable to the constitution
          1. Social contract theory
            1. Citizens were entitled to a government that protects there natural rights
            2. Representation
              1. Representative government carries with it own notions, notably majority rule and the imprecation there are clear limits to democracy
              2. Separation of power
                1. To make show that no intuition have to much power
                2. system of check and balances
                  1. Both houses have to pass the bill but president can veto it
                3. UK
                  1. Flexible
                    1. effective government
                      1. creates a strong and more effective government
                      2. history and tradtion
                        1. link to the past
                        2. democratic rule
                          1. long unbroken record so the constitution must work
                      3. Weakness
                        1. US
                          1. Non flexible codified
                            1. The separation of power mean that any decision will take time
                              1. system of check and balances
                                1. One part of the system could be particular uncooperative
                              2. UK
                                1. Potential for elective dictatorship
                                  1. Centralization
                                    1. Critics for over centralization of government ineffective check and balances. UK government is characterised more by the contrition of power than it fragmentation
                                    2. Weak protection of rights
                                      1. Uncertainty
                                        1. Have to decipher
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