Asset creation

Ashley James Wro
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Ashley James Wro
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Entire Pipeline Production for the asset workflow for the mesh in the project.

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Asset creation
  1. 3D Modeling
    1. 3DS Max
      1. Blockout
        1. High Poly
          1. Low Poly
            1. UV Mapping
              1. baking
    2. Textureing
      1. Substance indy Pack
        1. Substance painter
          1. Substance designer
            1. Node Based Workflow working between both painter and Designer
              1. Creation of map types (preferably PBR Textures)
                1. exporting all the maps required
                  1. works as a material rather than a texture and can work on all textures at the same time.
              2. Importing UV Maps
              3. Import into Marmoset Toolbag 2
                1. Import materials
                  1. Render using post processing effects built into Marmoset toolbag 2
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