The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

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The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
1 Our journey begins with the possible demolishing of Arthur Dent's house due to the construction of a new bypass.
2 Later Arthur meets with Ford Prefect, his alien friend (at this point he does not know this). Ford wants to tell Arthur something very important: the world is about to end.
3 Arthur's house is demolished and later the world ends. Luckily for Arthur, Ford saves him. But they end up in a Vogon ship (the ones responsible for Earth's vanishing). They do not manage to escape and are thrown out of the spaceship.
4 Fortunately they are saved by Zaphod Beeblebrox and Trillian with the starship Heart of Gold that Zaphod stole previously. Later they make Marvin the depressed robot bring them to the bridge.
5 They get into an adventure to find Magrathea (a "dead" planet). They eventually find it and go to search something Zaphod forgot because he got surgery in his brain.
6 Zaphod, Ford and Trillian go one way and Arthur and Marvin stay near the ship. Later Arthur goes for a walk (in order to get a rest from Marvin's attitude) and finds Slartibartfast. This character is one of the habitants of Magrathea and is surprised when Arthur tells him that everyone thought they were extinct.
7 Slartibartfast tells Arthur the story about the supercomputer "Deep Thought", the ultimate answer and how it ended. Arthur ends finding out that the answer is 42 and that the correct question was to be found on Earth, but as it was destroyed, it was lost. Further on he meets up with his friends and mice (the most intelligent beings).
8 Arthur finds out that the mice want to cut open his head in order to obtain his brain, because they think that by getting his brain they could also be able to find the question for the answer.
9 They manage to escape the mice and end up being shot at by the police. They once again manage to escape because someone killed them.
10 To end the story Zaphod tells them that they must go and have something to eat at the Restaurant at the End of the Universe.
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