Project Realization

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How to develop a project!

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Project Realization
1 Projects could become either delusions or realities, it depends on the vision an projection of the one who has the project. Follow the next stages to generate a project.
1.1 Stage 1: Wishes
1.1.1 Start with a full description of the desired future.
1.1.2 Be aware of previous successful projects similar as yours
1.1.3 DREAM without limitations
1.1.4 Take into account others and the rules involve in your project
1.2 Stage 2: Current Actions
1.2.1 How is the current situation of what we project to improve or change?
1.2.2 Take note of everything that has a relation to how the opportunity area is developed
1.2.3 Take into account not only what you see, but what others can tell you.
1.3 Stage 3: Evaluation and Comparison
1.3.1 Look for the differences between your desires and wishes and the current situation
1.3.2 Take into account the efficiency of the current situation regarding what you wished
1.3.3 This stage changes over time, this means that it can be check several times during the project Keep record of how the current situation improves and transforms to your original wish Graphs Tables Drawings DAEP is an acrostic which help us develop projects. Desires Actions Evaluation Planning I, Others and Context Resources, structure, culture, professional and social development
1.4 Stage 4: Planning and Monitoring
1.4.1 Being aware of what is missing for accomplishing our goals, design strategies to bu successful
1.4.2 Planning is divided into two: Strategies to change Prompt (time) Possible (legal) Positive (Proactive) Convenient (realizable) Precise (concise and clear) Compromise (be engaged) Persistence (try again) Monitoring changes Set a schedule with specific changes or actions, document all improvements, ask others to get feedback and use numbers to show improvement
2 Leadership = Create.
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