Mary I Religious Changes 1553-1558

Jerry Abbott
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Mind Map on Mary I Religious Changes 1553-1558, created by Jerry Abbott on 05/04/2015.

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Mary I Religious Changes 1553-1558
  1. Return to Catholicsim
    1. Was a devote Roman Catholic
      1. One true faith
      2. Return to Pope
        1. Papacy
        2. Counter Reformation (Parliament)
          1. Edwards short reign made it easy
            1. Old Bible Returned
              1. Latin
            2. Persecution of Protestants
              1. Public burnings
                1. approximately 200 men and women
                  1. Cranmer, heretics
                  2. Cleansing of souls
                  3. Printing Press
                    1. Spread of information/ knowledge
                    2. Restoration
                      1. Shrines
                        1. Images
                          1. Symbols
                          2. Synods
                            1. Meetings to improve
                              1. Updates on Catholicism in England
                              2. Senemaries
                                1. To train priests
                                2. Spanish Marriage and alliance
                                  1. Philip of Spain
                                    1. Marriage
                                      1. No throne Claim
                                        1. Wyatts rebellion
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