A-level Psychology Revision

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This Mind Map for A-level Psychology revision provides an overview of the key topics you need to study to achieve top class exam results. Find out more here: www.examtime.com/guide/study-skills-for-a-levels

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A-level Psychology Revision
1 Unit 1
1.1 Cognitive Psychology
1.1.1 Cognitive-Behavioural Therapies 1. Rational Emotive Therapy (RET) 2. Stress Inoculation Therapy (SIT)
1.1.2 Some mental disorders may involve 'faulty' or irrational thinking or perception
1.2 Developmental Psychology
1.3 Research methods
1.3.1 Quantitative Research
1.3.2 Qualitative Research
1.3.3 Research Design & Implementation
2 Unit 2
2.1 Biological Psychology
2.2 Social Psychology
2.3 Individual Differences
3 Unit 3
3.1 Topics in Psychology
3.1.1 Select 3 out of the following topics: Biological Rhythms & Sleep Perception Relationships Agression Eating Behaviour Gender Intelligence & Learning Cognition & Devlopment
4 Unit 4
4.1 Psychopathology
4.1.1 Main Principles Schizophrenia Explanations of Schizophrenia Biochemical Factors Psychological & Social Factors Depression Explanations for Depression Genetic Factors Imbalance in Neurotransmitters Environmental Factors
4.2 Psychology in Action
4.2.1 Video Games
4.2.2 Hovland-Yale Model of Persuasion
4.2.3 Intense Fandom
4.2.4 Learning Model of Addiction Interventions
4.2.5 Personality & Cognitive Factors
4.3 Research Methods
4.3.1 Definition of Validity
4.3.2 Sampling Methods
4.3.3 Statistics & Significance level