geography savanna

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a short desciption of the african savvana

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geography savanna
  1. location
    1. central and lower africa
      1. lower brazil
        1. lower india
          1. Northen austrailia
          2. wildlife
            1. giraffe
              1. evolved long necks to reach the high leaves of the acceria tree
              2. zebra
                1. lions
                  1. antelope
                  2. survival technics
                    1. the baobab tree stores water during the wet season for the dry season
                      1. the acreia trees are few and far apart but their roots are unable to go low underground due to the hard layer of rock 2 feet under the surface
                        1. bushes have thorns all over them to prevent animal tearing away at the leaves
                        2. soil erosian and desertification
                          1. casues
                            1. the humans plant crops then once the soil fails they move to a new plot of land
                              1. they allow their cattle to freely graze
                                1. they don't care for the spoilt soil
                                  1. they chop down tress for firewood and building materials
                                  2. effets
                                    1. wildlife
                                      1. the soil is ruined for up to 15 years
                                        1. the humans have hunted or scared of the native animal
                                          1. the humans have cut down or the tress so now there is no natrul barrier aganst winds that take away nutrianal soil
                                          2. humans
                                            1. they have to go further for firewood
                                              1. they run out of land to move to
                                                1. their crops are failing
                                            2. has a very distinctive wet and dry season
                                              1. leaves in the dry season
                                                1. buffalo
                                                  1. elephants
                                                  2. in some cases over 90% of Rainfall falls in the wet season
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