spelling two

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spelling two
  1. quarterback= mariscal de campo
    1. touchdown= anotación
      1. the quarterback made a touchdawn
      2. synchronized= sincronizada
        1. the gymnastics are a synchronized sport
        2. gymnastics= gimnasia
          1. goalkeeper= arquero
            1. quarterfinals= cuartos de final
              1. the goalkeeper took his team to the quaterfinals
              2. archipielago= archipielago
                1. they performed the archipielago inmigration
                2. inmigration= inmigración
                  1. paralympics= paralimpicos
                    1. in the paralympic games practice athleticism
                    2. athleticism= atletismo
                      1. in the paralympic games practice athleticism
                      2. decathlon= decatlon
                        1. the decathlon is aproximate in two weeks
                        2. aproximatte= aproximado
                          1. substraction= resta
                            1. in the substraction we can use the distributive property
                            2. distributive= distributva
                              1. icosahedrom= icosaedro
                                1. rhomboidal= romboide
                                  1. we can take the square root of a rhomboidal and icosahedrom
                                  2. square root= raiz cuadrada
                                    1. wild card= comodin
                                      1. there is a 23% probability of getting a wildcard
                                      2. probability = Probabilidad
                                        1. symmetrical= simetrico
                                          1. with the protractor we can made a symmetrical figures
                                          2. protactor= transportador
                                            1. oceanography= oceanografía
                                              1. the oceanography is study by the hydrology
                                              2. hydrology= hidrología
                                                1. perpendicular= perpendicular
                                                  1. whole number= número entero
                                                    1. the perpendicular line is measured by the whole numbers
                                                    2. polynominal= polinomio
                                                      1. the polynominal is factored into prime factors
                                                      2. factorizing= factorización
                                                        1. associative= asociativo
                                                          1. associative and commutative are properties of mathematics
                                                          2. commutative= conmutativo
                                                            1. quadrilateral= cuadrilatero
                                                              1. quadrilateral and polyhedron are geometric figures
                                                              2. polyhedron= poliedro
                                                                1. coefficient=coeficiente
                                                                  1. my coefficient is so high
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