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Manu Selegante-Brao
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General view of the organization of my work and data around Cubit woods.

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Cubit's Admin
  1. Admin
    1. Applications *2
      1. FC
        1. Agent authorization
          1. W Management plan
          2. Other orgs.
            1. Woodland trust
              1. National Lottery...
            2. Reports*1
              1. Highlight
                1. Schedule objectives
                  1. To complete within time frame
                    1. Fulfilled objective. Observations
                    2. tasks carried out
                      1. events
                      2. Walk through
                      3. Research
                        1. Charcoal
                          1. CHcoal makers
                            1. Who?
                              1. What is the score?
                                1. Wood/woodland preferences
                                2. Blacksmiths
                                  1. Current fuel type?
                                    1. Price, volume and size
                                    2. Price, volume and size
                                    3. Wood Scultures
                                    4. Record keeping
                                      1. Expenses/receipts, purchases
                                      2. CALENDAR
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