GCSE Poetry - Conflict - Themes Part 1 - 5/10 themes. (Unfinished)

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GCSE Poetry - Conflict - Themes Part 1 - 5/10 themes. (Unfinished)
  1. Effects of Conflict
    1. Conflict can cause death and injury to soldiers and civilians. People can be psychologically scarred by experiences. Even people who are not directly involved can be affected by it.
      1. Futility
        1. Poem focuses on the waste of human life caused by war. It uses an individual soldier to describe the wider effects of war. Anger and despair is expressed - the energy that went into creating life has been wasted. The narrator feels helpless because he can't restore the soldier's health.
        2. The Charge of the Light Brigade
          1. The poem focuses on the number of men killed in battle as the result of a single order. There are several mentions of "the six hundred" to emphasise how many man there were to start with compared to how many survived. The poem shows that war can inspire great bravery and sacrifice. The soldiers do their duty even though stye know thy are going to almost certain death.
          2. Bayonet Charge
            1. The poem explores the effect of the experience of battle on an individual - primarily pain and panic. The soldier is a helpless victim. Fighting has also destroyed the patriotic ideals that the soldier had to begin with.
            2. Poppies
              1. The poem describes the pain and distress of a mother whose son is going away to fight in a war. She feels as if she has lost him before he has left. After he leaves, her constant anxiety about her son's safety has physical symptoms. References to graves and memorials remind us of the danger her son faces.
            3. Reality of Battles
              1. Nature
                1. Sadness and Loss
                  1. Causes of Conflict
                    1. Conflict is when different people, groups or countries disagree with each other. Conflict between groups can lead to mistrust, suspicion and violence. There are many reasons for conflict including political and religious reasons.
                      1. The Yellow Palm
                        1. 'Religion being a source of conflict is shown by the faithful citizens that have come to pray at the mosque but there is "blood on the walls". The reference to the "Imperial Guard" hints at the ongoing influence of a cruel and ambitious leader. The "Cruise missile" is a reminder of how foreign powers have invaded and interfered in life of the country.
                        2. Hawk Roosting
                          1. The narrator is a Hawk - a natural predator. Although the hawk is supremely confident, it is feuding itself - it thinks that it controls the Earth. Pro-war politicians are known as "hawks", so the poem could be describing how arrogant, powerful individuals can lead a whole nation into conflict.
                          2. next to of course god america i
                            1. The poet shows that language can be misused to encourage people to get involved in conflict.
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