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Time Line of the Geological Eras

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  1. Paleozoic (570m.y.a. - 250 m.y.a.)
    1. Mesozoic (251 m.y.a. - 65 m.y.a)
      1. Cenozoic (66 m.y.a. - 0 m.y.a.)
        1. Horses
          1. Mamuts
            1. Palmtrees
              1. Horses
                1. Cactus
                  1. Apes
                    1. Palmtrees
                      1. Mamut
                        1. Principles of theory of natural selection
                          1. Variation:Of one specie there were a big variatons of changes between each ones, they still the same species, and family but with different features.
                            1. Competition: These kind of speacil or different features have the owner a speaicl place in the chani of evolution because they could do things others no, so it was all like a big fight where everyone is looking to be right.
                              1. Natural Selection: The speacil guys, animals or whatever have some kind of speail pass to next "round" y are like the bst for it. and prove why thet
                                1. Evolution! After all of these selectiion the best and better living thing will be the next in power.
                        2. Common use mushrooms
                          1. Plantae
                            1. Fungi
                              1. Domain Eukarya
                            2. Sea Urchins
                              1. Dinosaurs
                                1. Temnospondyl
                                  1. Starfish
                                    1. Crocodiles
                                      1. Animalia
                                        1. Protist
                                          1. Domain Eukarya
                                        2. Trilobites
                                          1. Graptolites
                                            1. Crinoideos
                                              1. Amphibians
                                                1. Ferns
                                                  1. Monera
                                                    1. Domain Bacteria
                                                  2. Animalia
                                                    1. Fungi
                                                      1. Plantae
                                                        1. Monera
                                                          1. Protist
                                                            1. Personal Info
                                                              1. Miriam Edith Lara Rangel
                                                                1. 2702633
                                                                2. Evidence 3 for Life science, with one but myself
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