Biomes of the World

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This Mind map explains some of the different Biomes of the world.

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Biomes of the World
1 Grassland
1.1 General Description
1.1.1 The grasslands are Biomes that are generally open and continuous, where most of the are is pure grass
1.2 Location on Earth
1.2.1 These grasslands are located on the Great Plains of North America, the pampas and the Veldt of South Africa, the steppes of central Eurasia, and they surround the deserts of Australia
1.3 Shaded Map
1.4 Animals
1.4.1 Antelope, Zebras, Lions, Bison, Prairie Dogs, Coyotes
1.5 Plants
1.5.1 Trees, Shrubs
1.6 Soil and Land
1.6.1 Thin Soils for a Tropical Grassland and deep soils for a temperate Grassland
1.7 Temperature
1.7.1 Yearly range can be between -20*C to 30*C
1.8 Precipitation
1.8.1 500 to 900 mm of rain each year
2 Tundra
2.1 General Description
2.1.1 The Tundra is the coldest of the biomes, with long, dark, cold winters.
2.2 Location on Earth
2.2.1 Tundras are located in regions south of the Arctic ice caps, extending across North America, Europe, and Siberia
2.3 Shaded Map
2.4 Animals
2.4.1 Musk Oxen, Caribou, Ground Squirrels, wolves, Grizzly Bears
2.5 Plants
2.5.1 *Mosses,Grasses,Sedges, Shrubs, lichens, and a few trees
2.6 Soil and Land
2.6.1 Soil with Permafrost
2.7 Temperature
2.7.1 -40*C to 18*C
2.8 Precipitation
2.8.1 150 to 250 mm of snow each year, including snow that's melted
3 Desert
3.1 General Descrption
3.1.1 Deserts are very dry, and are hot during the day, cold at night
3.2 Location on Earth
3.2.1 North America, Africa, Middle East, Asia
3.3 Shaded Map
3.4 Animals
3.4.1 Desert Tortoise, Kangaroo Rat, Gila Monster, Roadrunner, Elf Owls
3.5 Plants
3.5.1 Cacti, small bushes, short grasses
3.6 Soil and Land
3.6.1 Rocky and Sandy
3.7 Temperature
3.7.1 38*C in the daytime, -3.9*C at Night
3.8 Precipitation
3.8.1 250 mm of rain per year
4 Polar/Ice
4.1 General Description
4.1.1 The polar biomes are the coldest biomes around, filled with ice and almost no precipitation
4.2 Location on Earth
4.2.1 The Poles, on top of mountains
4.3 Shaded Map
4.4 Animals
4.4.1 A few insects, Whales, seals, penguins, Polar Bears, walruses
4.5 Plants
4.5.1 Sometime flowers, lichens and mosses, at the chance
4.6 Soil/Land
4.6.1 Mainly Ice
4.7 Temperature
4.7.1 -34*C to 12*C
4.8 Precipitation
4.8.1 Almost none
5 Rainforest
5.1 General Description
5.1.1 These rainforests have a long cool wet season, and a relatively dry summer
5.2 Location on Earth
5.2.1 Eastern United States, Canada, Europe, China, and Japan
5.3 Shaded Map
5.4 Animals
5.4.1 Spotted Owls, elk, shrew, cougars, Basilisk Lizard,


  • Use Creaturepedia on South America, Africa and Asia.
5.5 Plants
5.5.1 Douglas Fir and Cedar Trees, mosses and ferns
5.6 Soil/Land
5.6.1 Nutrient Rich
5.7 Temperature
5.7.1 -30*C to 30*C
5.8 Precipitation
5.8.1 750-1,500 mm of rain each year
6 Coniferous Forest
6.1 General Description
6.1.1 Location on Earth Shaded Map Animals Plants Soil/Land Temperature Precipitation 300-900 mm of rain per year -40*C to 20*C Thin/Acidic/Nutrient poor Pine trees, fir trees, cedar trees, and spruce trees Migratory Birds, Wolves, Owls, Elk, Snowshoe hares Canada, Europe, Asia, and the US
6.1.2 These forest regions have cold, long, snowy winters, along with warm, humid summers. These regions have well defined seasons with four to six frost free months
7 Temperate Deciduous Forest
7.1 General Description
7.1.1 Location on Earth Shaded Map Animals Plants Soil/Land Temperature Precipitation 750 to 1,500 mm of rain per year -30*C to 30*C Nutrient Rich Deciduous trees, shrubs, perennial herbs, and mosses, birch trees Songbirds, chipmunks, Black bears, Deer, bobcats The Northeastern US, Eastern Asia, and much of Europe
7.1.2 These forests have moderate precipitation, hot summers, and cold winters
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