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  1. conditions
    1. must collide with sufficient energy
      1. the energy of the products must be less than that of the substrates
        1. an initial boost of energy is needed to kick start the reaction (activation energy)
        2. structure
          1. active site
            1. enzyme substrate complex
              1. substrate fits into the active site and is held by bonds that temporarily form between certain amino acids
            2. lock and key model
              1. the shape of the substrate exactly fits the active site of the enzyme
              2. induced fit
                1. the enzyme is flexible and can mould itself around the substrate
                  1. as it changes shape the enzyme puts strain on the substrate molecule, this strain distorts a particular bond which lowers the activation energy needed to break the bond
                    1. modified version of lock and key
                    2. temperature
                      1. a rise in temp increases the kinetic energy of molecules so they move more rapidly ad collide more often
                        1. so the temp increases the rate of reactiom
                          1. at a certain temperature the enzyme is so disrupted so it denatures
                      2. pH
                        1. a change in pH alters the charges on the amino acids that make up the active site
                          1. the substrate can no longer become attached to the active site and so the enzyme substrate complex cannot be formed
                          2. the bonds that maintain the tertiary structure break and so the enzyme changes shape
                            1. the enzymes active site is now different and the enzyme therefore denatured
                          3. inhibitors
                            1. competitive
                              1. shape similar to that of the substrate
                                1. occupies the active site but not permanently
                              2. non competitive
                                1. attaches to the enzyme (not the active site)
                                  1. changes the shape of the active site
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