Ethics-short corse

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Ethics-short corse
  1. Part A Questions
    1. test your knowlage of specific terminology
      1. 1 mark
    2. Part B questions
      1. questions are again testing your knowlage but the answer will need to contain more info
        1. 2 marks
        2. Part C Questions
          1. these questions ask for a description or three pieces of information
            1. 3 marks
            2. Part D questions
              1. these questions are asking you to show your understanding. it will ask you 'how' and 'why' things happen because of Christian belives or teachings
                1. Hint: they will probably start the qusestion with the word 'EXPLAIN'
                2. 6 marks
                3. Part E Qusetions
                  1. these questions are asking you to present an agreement. You 'MUST' refer to a view of a Christian both for and against the point you are given. You 'MUST' include your own personal opinion to gain full marks.
                    1. Structure hint: 1. make a comment on the situation 2. some Christians think....3. other Christians think....4. a non Christian will think 5. I think....6.conclusion
                      1. Use SONIC: Some,Other,Non,I,Conclusion
                      2. 12 marks + 3 SPAG marks
                        1. You can get 3 marks for just spelling and structuring the question right!
                      3. Ethics 1: Religion and Human relationships, Religion and medical ethics
                        1. Roles of men and women in the family
                          1. Man are normally seen as the ones who go to work and provide for the family
                            1. Christians believe that their roles are equally important
                              1. physical aspects. it is usual that the man is more stronger than the woman
                                1. God created men and women equally with Adam and Eve
                                  1. Both men and women should look after their children
                                  2. marriage and devorce
                                    1. marriage is couple of a man and woman becoming one in the eyes of god
                                      1. divorce is when couples separate 'LEGALY'
                                        1. Christians are not for divorce, however they understand it is necessary in some cases e.g. if the woman is being bullied by the man
                                          1. Annulment
                                            1. Adultery: being unfaithful to your husband or wife
                                            2. Although you are divorced you are still together in gods eyes
                                          2. Attitudes to abortion
                                            1. Abortion refers to the end of a pregnancy before the baby is born
                                              1. 2 doctors have to agree that it is the best option and must happen as soon as possible
                                                1. It is legal
                                                  1. Christians believe that abortion is messing with gods plans
                                                    1. sex is for reproduction
                                                      1. life is a gift from god
                                                        1. however some christains belive it is the sensible thing to do
                                                      2. euthanasia
                                                        1. ending your life 'Delibratly'
                                                          1. Christians believe it is wrong
                                                            1. can be to stop pain
                                                              1. not always necessary to go to full lengths to save someone's life if they don't want to be saved
                                                                1. God gave us the ability to think for our selves
                                                              2. Ethics 2: peace and justice, religion and equality
                                                                1. Attitudes to war
                                                                  1. Holy war
                                                                    1. a war fought on the behalf of God
                                                                    2. Just war
                                                                      1. A war fought under certain conditions
                                                                      2. Pacifism
                                                                        1. God was a pacifist
                                                                          1. Someone who doesn't believe in violence
                                                                          2. why Christians against war
                                                                            1. love thy neighbour
                                                                              1. one commandment is do not kill
                                                                                1. forgivness
                                                                                  1. turn the other cheek
                                                                                    1. Conscientious objector
                                                                                    2. why Christians are for a war
                                                                                      1. over come evil
                                                                                        1. old testament contains many references to violence and wars orderd by God
                                                                                          1. eye for an eye
                                                                                        2. Capital punishment
                                                                                          1. justice
                                                                                            1. puishment
                                                                                              1. Christians believes about the treatment of criminals
                                                                                                1. forgiveness
                                                                                                  1. two wrongs don't make a right
                                                                                                    1. kinder than imprisonment
                                                                                                    2. reasons for
                                                                                                      1. justice has been done
                                                                                                    3. social injustice
                                                                                                      1. unfairness in sociaty
                                                                                                        1. sex, race, disability or poverty
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