The Arctic - climate change

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Case Study for the impacts of climate change in the Arctic

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The Arctic - climate change
  1. Socio-economic Impacts
    1. Shrinking sea ice could open new shipping routes.
      1. New natural resources may be exploited
        1. Possibility of undiscovered oil and gas reserves
          1. May lead to conflict over which countries own them
          2. Warmer climate and soils = more agricultural opportunity
            1. Thawing permafrost can result in collapsed buildings and broken pipelines.
            2. Ecological Impacts
              1. Changing climatic regions means habitats are being reduced or lost.
                1. Some areas have a sensitive ecosystem, the loss of one species could have devastating effects.
                  1. For some areas the number and diversity of species may increase as sea ice coverage is reduced and the temperatures increase.
                  2. Vulnerability
                    1. Low capacity to cope.
                      1. Impacting many areas of Arctic life.
                      2. Environmental Impacts
                        1. Melting of Greenland Ice Sheet
                          1. Injection of fresh water in to the sea, changes density of water and could disrupt ocean currents.
                          2. Thawing permafrost releases CO2 and methane.
                            1. Contributes further to global warming.
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