Africa - Climate Change

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Key points on the impacts of climate change in Africa, for the Unit One paper for Exexcel's AS Level Geography.

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Africa - Climate Change
  1. Positive Imact
    1. Global warming means that tropical areas are experiencing longer growing periods, they may financially benefit from better agricultural conditions.
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      1. Vulnerability
        1. Poor people have a reduced capacity to cope e.g. substinence farmers.
          1. Poorer countries are less able to prepare for and respond to impacts of climate change
            1. Political turmoil can mean that appropriate responses aren't made making the impacts of climate change worse.
            2. NegatiVe Impacts
              1. Conditions have improved for mosquitoes that spread malaria, costs of health care mean the economy is put under strain and prevented from growing.
                1. Global warming is causing more erratic climates e.g Mozambique experienced drought in 1995 and flooding in 2000.
                  1. Global warming has caused desertification - fertile land becomes unusable. Major problem in the Sahel Region.
                    1. Global Warming has caused a reduced growing period in some areas, decreasing agricultural production, agriculture in the Sahel Region forms around 70% of the employment.
                      1. Leads to more unemployment, poverty, malnourishment and starvation.
                    2. The whole continent of Africa is getting warmer, around 0.5degreesC in the last century.
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