How Legislation Affects Computer Users - Cambridge Nationals ICT

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GCSE ICT Mind Map on How Legislation Affects Computer Users - Cambridge Nationals ICT, created by Beth Coiley on 09/05/2015.

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How Legislation Affects Computer Users - Cambridge Nationals ICT
1 Monitoring Of Individuals By Organisations
1.1 Cookies
1.1.1 Data files sent from a website and stored in a user's web browser while the user is browsing that website.
1.2 Key logging
1.2.1 Recording the keys pressed on a device
1.3 Mobile phone triangulation
1.3.1 Measures the distance of the device from cell towers to determine its position
1.4 Locating users using GPS
1.5 Electronic Consumer Surveillance
1.5.1 Checking of consumer habits
1.5.2 E.g. Buying patterns
2 Computer Misuse Act 1990
2.1 Protects against hacking
2.1.1 (unauthorised access to computer systems with intent to cause damage or alter data)
2.2 Protects users from:
2.2.1 Data misuse
2.2.2 Unauthorised data modification
2.2.3 Identity abuse
2.2.4 Chat room abuse
2.2.5 Indecent material
3 Data Protection Act
3.1 Data must be:
3.1.1 Fairly and lawfully processed
3.1.2 Accurate and up to date
3.1.3 Adequate and not excessive
3.1.4 Not kept for longer than necessary
3.1.5 Used only for the specified purpose
3.1.6 Protected in accordance with the user's rights
3.1.7 Not transferred to a country outside the EU unless its adequate protection can be ensured
4 Health and Safety at Work Act
4.1 States that:
4.1.1 Businesses must employ a health and safety officer
4.1.2 Staff must have appropriate work breaks
4.1.3 Equipment must be regularly tested
4.1.4 Health and safety codes and policies must be provided
4.1.5 All staff must be properly trained
4.1.6 Work environment must be appropriate
5 Copyright, Designs and Patents Act
5.1 States that:
5.1.1 It is illegal to copy, store and modify data without the owner's permission
5.1.2 It is illegal to sell copies of files without permission
5.1.3 Software piracy is illegal
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