Health and Social Care

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This is 2 parts of OCR Health and Social Care, GCSE (PIES, PEES)

Kelsey Phillips
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Health and Social Care
1.1 Infancy
1.1.1 roll over, sit up unaided, head control, crawling, walking
1.1.2 makes noises, imitates from adults, use 200 words by 2 years old
1.1.3 recognise faces, parallel play until 3 then cooperative play
1.1.4 shy, separation anxiety, starts to control emotions
1.2 Childhood
1.2.1 catch and throw a ball, running, standing on one leg, skips, cycling
1.2.2 understand others emotions, better at controlling own emotions, self concept affected by others
1.2.3 pretend play, learn to draw, reading and writing developed, understand right and wrong
1.2.4 how to take turns, by 7 they know the difference between Boy/Girl, prefer same sex friends
1.3 Later Adulthood
1.3.1 Wrinkles, grey hair, sight/hearing loss
1.3.2 dementia
1.3.3 retirement, more time for friends, loss of contact with work friends, bereavement
1.3.4 Loss of partner, sad, lonely
1.4 Adolescence
1.4.1 Breasts/Penis grows, pubic hair, hips/shoulders widen
1.4.2 mood swings, discover who they are, insecurity is normal
1.4.3 thinking about possibilities, thinking ahead, thinking about thought, thinking beyond limits
1.4.4 develop independence, behave in groups for security, sexual relationships may start to begin
1.5 Adulthood
1.5.1 Reach max height, menopause, may put on weight
1.5.2 emotional maturity to deal with relationships and children
1.5.3 new relationships at work or new partners, having children
1.5.4 Getting a job, training on the job, going to university, learning life skills
2.1 Environmental
2.1.1 Pollution
2.1.2 Health and Welfare Services
2.1.3 Leisure Services
2.2 Social & Emontional
2.2.1 Education
2.2.2 Gender
2.2.3 Religion, race & Culture
2.2.4 Jobs
2.2.5 Life Experiences Birth Death Marriage Divorce
2.2.6 Relationships Family Friends
2.3 Physical
2.3.1 Diet
2.3.2 Exercise
2.3.3 Illness and Disease
2.3.4 Genetic Inheritance
2.4 Economics
2.4.1 Income
2.4.2 Housing

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