Jess Dorricott Teleological/Design argument AS PHILOSOPHY REVISION

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mind map on AS philosophy arguments for exsitence of God teleological/design

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Jess Dorricott Teleological/Design argument AS PHILOSOPHY REVISION
  1. Posteriori argument for God
    1. Universe has intelligent designer based on experience of nature e.g order
      1. must have designer to account for design
          1. see beautiful garden, flowers, herbs etc. in near rows we assume that there is a gardener to keep it in order
            1. therefore there must be a designer keeping the universe in order + only one powerful enough is God
            2. WILLIAM PALEY
              1. Human artifacts are a product of intelligent design
                1. universe resembles human artifacts + and itself is a product of intelligent design but the universe is so much more complex
                  1. only being powerful + intelligent enough to design universe is God
                    1. AQUINAS DESIGN QUA REGULARITY
                      1. his 5th way says universe could not have appeared by chance
                        1. many things don't have intelligence to work towards their telos - end purpose + must have something to direct them towards telos
                          1. God exists as an explanation for this (beneficial order)
                            1. DAVID HUME CRITICISM
                              1. Saying world has omnipotent + intelligent designer just presents the idea that there is a designer it doesn't prove that its God
                                1. existence of design and regularity simply argues for design and purpose in the universe, it does not argue for an intelligent dessigner God to be in charge of the universe
                                  1. JOHN STUART MILL CRITICISM
                                    1. existence of suffering in the world leads to 2 things
                                      1. 1) God may be limited in some way andd not all omnipotent
                                        1. 2) God is not all good
                                          1. This means omnibenevolent attributes of Christian God do not meet God proposed by teleological argument
                                            1. A presence of evil and suffering indicate a fault in the design
                                          2. DARWIN CHALLENGES
                                            1. nature proves an external force is not needed to explain complexity fittest survive in this world + pass down DNA giving appearacne of design in world
                                              1. 7)
                                          3. 6)
                                      2. 5)
                                  2. ARROW ANALOGY
                                    1. An arrow is unintelligent so needs an intelligent person to guide it towards the target + in the intelligence comes from the archer
                                    2. 4)
                                  3. WATCH ANALOGY DESIGN QUA PURPOSE
                                    1. A watch is a product of intelligent design + as it is so complex it must have an intelligent designer
                                      1. As the universe is even more complex than a watch the universe must also have an intelligent designer GOD
                                      2. 3)
                                    2. 2)
                                    3. 1)
                                  4. STRENGTHS
                                    1. Using analogy of watch makes argument easy + simple to understand
                                      1. it uses something relateable ro help us understand somethinng that we cannot actually relate to (designing universe)
                                        1. it is difficult to deny presence of order + regularity
                                          1. gives a purpose to the universe + why it is the way it is
                                            1. when teleological argument is joined with other arguments for existence of God it raises probability of God's existence
                                              1. This is called SWINBURNES ACUMULATIVE ARGUMENT FOR GOD
                                      2. 8)
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