Meal Managment and planning.


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Meal Managment and planning.
  1. Factors that affect:
    1. Time
      1. Consider cooking and serving.
      2. Healthy Eating guidelines
        1. Less Fat
          1. Less Salt
            1. More Fibre
              1. Less Sugar
              2. People
                1. Number to feed
                  1. Likes and Dislikes
                    1. Age
                    2. Religious Beliefs
                      1. Certain Beliefs= Certain Food Choice
                      2. Money
                        1. Bigger budget = Expensive food
                          1. less Expensive meat = just as nutritious
                          2. Equipment
                            1. Read recipe
                              1. Correct equipment = speeds up time
                              2. Skills
                                1. Person's ability
                                2. Special dietary needs
                                  1. Coeliac/diabetes/vegetarians etc.
                                  2. Occasion
                                    1. Christmas/child's birthday/barbecue
                                    2. Availability of food
                                      1. Time of year
                                        1. Location
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