The History Boys Characters

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A brief analysis of main characters in The History Boys

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The History Boys Characters
1 Irwin
1.1 Counterpoint to Hector
2 Mrs Lintott
2.1 Provides a female perspective
2.1.1 Feminist "Masculine ineptitude"
2.1.2 Discusses the role of women in history "History is women following behind with the bucket."
2.2 Cynical
2.2.1 This is a mask for her passion
2.2.2 She is a passive observer Not involved in the power struggle
2.3 Reluctant confidante to the male staff
2.3.1 She is expected to listen to their problems, as the sole matronly figure on the staff "Though that I should be assumed to be so discreet is in itself condescending"
2.4 Passionate
2.5 Creates humour
2.5.1 Use of irony
2.5.2 Use of taboo language Contrasted with her high register, educated way of speaking
3 Hector
3.1 Eccentric teaching style
4 Headmaster
4.1 Cares more about university figures than his students
4.1.1 Ambitious
4.1.2 Concerned with his own success and glory
4.2 Caricature of a headmaster
4.3 Much of the comedy in the play is at his expense
4.4 Aging, but keen to seem 'hip' and relevant
4.4.1 Language/dialogue reflects this
5 Dakin
5.1 Leader of the boys
5.2 Sexual
5.2.1 Uses sex and his sexual appeal in order to get his own way
5.2.2 The only way he knows how to thank Irwin is through sex Whether or not he is actually attracted to Irwin may be debatable
5.3 Cocky
5.3.1 Knows that he's attractive, and uses it to his own advantage
6 Scripps
6.1 Acts as the narrator of the play
6.2 A confidante to the other boys
7 Rudge
8 Posner
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