mind map oil sands

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oil sands

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mind map oil sands
  1. what are oil sands?
    1. oil sands are a deposit of loose sand or partially consoildated sandstone containing petoleum or other hydrocrbons
    2. why are oil sands important?
      1. oil sands are important because with out oil sands we would not be about to fill up our cars in the morning to get to work or to get the buses working to take kids to school
      2. what are oil sands used for?
        1. oil sand is naturally occurring mixture of sand clay or other materials, water bitumen, wich is heavy and extemly viscous oil that must be treated before it can be used by refineries to produce usable fuels such as gasoline and disel.
        2. how is the island regoined of alberta significant to humans?
          1. Alberta is canada's foremost energy resource province. it is home to the oil sands, or the largest oil reserve in the country, as well as vast amounts of natural gas and coal.
          2. how is the area significant to plant/ animals because of oil sands?
            1. The is significant to plants/wildlife/animals like anywhere in the world, where there are people, there are impacts on ecosystems and wildlife. this is no different in the oil sands region, where significant industrial development coexists with a thriving ecosystem, bringing with it habitat changes that are major challenges to manage
            2. what is the environmental impact of extracting this resource ?
              1. the oil sands Division of the department of energy is committed to the rapid development of environmental solutions for oil sands projects.
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