Social Change

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Social Change presentation

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Social Change
  1. Sources of Social Change
    1. Values and Beliefs
      1. Ideology: A system of beliefs or ideas that justifies the social, moral, religious, political, or economic interests
      2. Technology
        1. The knowledge and tools that people use to adjust and adapt their environment
        2. Diffusion
          1. Sharing and spread of cultural traits from one society to another
          2. population
            1. change in size or composition of a population can cause changes in a culture.
            2. Physical Environment
              1. Origin of food supplies, natural disasters, and changes in the supply or demand of a natural resource can change the culture of the groups that are affected.
              2. Wars and conquests
                1. It is not common but causes a lot of disasters, War often results in technological and medical advances
              3. Resistance to social Change
                1. Resistance
                  1. People choose to accept it or learn to adapt
                  2. Ethnocentrism
                    1. When people view themselves superior to other people.
                    2. Cultural Lag
                      1. Material culture changes quickly, while nonmaterial culture lags behind and changes more slowly
                      2. Vested Interests
                        1. Some people feel that the known problems of today are better than unknown problems that come with change.
                      3. Globalization
                        1. Economic Globalization
                          1. Exchange of products among nations is increasing.
                          2. Globalization and Transportation
                            1. New forms of transportation have been created.
                            2. Tourism
                              1. As transportation routes improve, tourism becomes more common and less expensive.
                              2. Environmental Issues
                                1. Global warming as a result of environment damage
                                2. Communication
                                  1. Increase direct communication across vast distances and without respect to time.
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