Belly Mapping: Your Journey Starts Here

Karimah Kelly Sh
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Karimah Kelly Sh
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Belly Mapping: Your Journey Starts Here
  1. Boney Landmarks/ Triangular Support
    1. Spirit/Energy
      1. 6th sense "gut feeling"
        1. motivation/belief/stamina
          1. smell, taste, touch, hear, see
            1. fuel/nutrition/hydration
              1. breath/air
              2. Spine
                1. cervical
                  1. thoracic
                    1. lumbar
                    2. Distal Edges
                      1. skull & chin
                        1. sternum & shoulders
                          1. hips: iliac, public bone, sacrum, coccyx
                            1. legs
                              1. feet: tripod, grounding
                    3. Core Muscle Groups
                      1. deep transverse abs
                        1. internal obliques
                          1. external obliques
                            1. rectus abs
                              1. pelvic floor
                                1. quadratus lumborum
                                  1. gluteals
                                2. Stages of Developent
                                  1. 1st: Navel Radiation (sensing, breath, growing, shrinking)
                                    1. 2nd: Spinal (head to tail connectivity, hands and knees)
                                      1. 3rd: Homogolous (upper/lower connectivity, saggital and lateral pelvic shift, hands/knees)
                                        1. 4th: Homolateral (body half, X &O, open ups)
                                          1. 5th: Contra/Crosslateral (final, diagonal support, i.e. sit ups or walking)
                                          2. Organ Support
                                            1. L & R cranium & spinal nerves
                                              1. open neuropathways
                                              2. heart
                                                1. L & R lungs
                                                  1. stomach
                                                    1. bladder
                                                      1. liver
                                                        1. kidneys
                                                        2. Mind/Body Connection
                                                          1. Experience, Education, Enlightenment
                                                            1. Circulation, Nervous System, Genetics, Organs.
                                                              1. Other Muscles, Joints, Ligaments
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