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  1. Social Model of Health
    1. AREAS
      1. A
        1. Addressing the determinants
          1. Addressing all determinants of health not just the biological and genetics.
        2. R
          1. Reduce social inequalities
            1. Allows for factors determining health to be reduced such as gender, SES, location.
          2. E
            1. Empower individuals and community
              1. Providing individuals and community with t he resources and skills to be healthy.
            2. A
              1. Access to healthcare
                1. Should be readily availablde based on need, affordability and accessibility.
              2. S
                1. Sectoral Collaboration
                  1. Embraces the need for collaboration between government departent, private sector and health sector.
            3. Ottawa Charter
              1. AME
                1. A
                  1. Advocate
                    1. Promote health keeping in mind political, economic, social and cultural factors.
                  2. M
                    1. Mediate
                      1. Ensure that all organisations (Government, industry & media) all play their role.
                    2. E
                      1. Enable
                        1. Focus on equity to ensure people of different health statuses are able to access similar healthcare.
                    3. BCSDR
                      1. B
                        1. Build Healthy Public Policy
                          1. Focus is on government organisation making policies to ensure healthier and safer places
                            1. eg. Banning smoking in public places
                              1. eg. Restrictions for P Plate Drivers
                          2. C
                            1. Create supportive environments
                              1. Build links between individual and their environments through taking care of one another and natural resources.
                                1. eg. Childrens playgrounds
                                  1. Other aspects in lakeside community
                              2. S
                                1. Strengthen community Actions
                                  1. Each community responsible for promoting community actions relevant to their area - Leads to empowerment of the community - Often many different agencies work together to achieve outcomes
                                    1. eg. Issuees in the area
                                2. D
                                  1. Develop Personal Skills
                                    1. Learn through life experiences - These skills should be gained and supported at home, school, work and other community settings - Enables the individuals to make positive choices with their health.
                                  2. R
                                    1. Reorientate Health Services
                                      1. Individuals, community groups, governments working together - Move beyond biomedical options with a stronger emphasis on health promotion.
                                        1. eg. A medical proffessional speaking to students about the importance of physical activity
                                3. Vic Health
                                  1. MAATE
                                    1. M
                                      1. Improve Mental wellbeing
                                      2. A
                                        1. Prevent harm from Alcohol
                                        2. A
                                          1. Encourage regular physical Activity
                                          2. T
                                            1. Prevent Tobacco use
                                            2. E
                                              1. Promote healthy Eating
                                          3. Australian Healthcare System
                                            1. SEECARS
                                              1. S
                                                1. Safe
                                                  1. Reduction of harm from environment which health is performed in
                                                2. E
                                                  1. Effective
                                                    1. Healthcare should reach the desired outcome and meet the patients needs
                                                  2. E
                                                    1. Efficient
                                                      1. Achieves the desired results with cost-effective use of resources
                                                    2. C
                                                      1. Continuous
                                                        1. Ability to provide care over time.
                                                      2. A
                                                        1. Accessible
                                                          1. Ability for people to obtain healthcare at the right place and right time irrespective of income, location and background.
                                                        2. R
                                                          1. Responsive
                                                            1. Clients are treated respectfully based on their needs.
                                                          2. S
                                                            1. Sustainable
                                                              1. The system can sustain the workforce and respond to emerging needs.
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