Customer Signed Document - Legal Process

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Legal Process

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Customer Signed Document - Legal Process
  1. Reviewed and Stamped outside TC
    1. Upload stamped document to TC in Signed PDF section
      1. Standard Document
        1. TIBCO Signing Required
          1. Legal Approved
                    1. Contract Activated
          2. TIBCO Signing NOT Required / NDA
            1. Legal Approved
              1. Upload PDF
                1. Waiting for Customer Signature
                  1. Activate Contract
                    1. Contract Activated
          3. Non - Standard Document
            1. Promote to In Signature
              1. Route for TIBCO Signature by EchoSign
                  1. Contract Activated
        2. Generate PDF and email to Requester
          1. Legal Approved
            1. Legal Approval Request from Requester for Non-Standard Doc
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