Impact of WW1 on the USA

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impact of WW1 on the USA

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Impact of WW1 on the USA
  1. Finance
    1. Britain owned $4 billion
      1. France owned $3.4 billion
      2. People
        1. The USA had no war damage
          1. Full employment
            1. Crop prices fell after the war- cheaper for consumers but bad for farmers
              1. Wheat price increased- good for farmers but bad for consumers
                1. Population asked to eat less to more could be sent to Europe
                2. Economy
                  1. Factories+farms at mass production
                    1. 30% of World's wheat
                      1. 75% of World's corn
                        1. 70% of World's petrol
                          1. 55% of World's cotton
                          2. Exports to new markets-- Africa+Asia (ex-European exports)
                            1. War made Europe dependent on weapons+food, not consumer goods
                              1. 1918- war industry had to convert to consumer goods
                                1. Drop in demand
                                  1. Drop in exports
                                    1. Drop in production
                                      1. Drop in labour demand
                                        1. Drop in wages
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