WW1 impact on Germany

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WW1 impact on Germany
  1. initially, the war united Germans, but as the war went on, tensions and disagreements resurfaced.
    1. The war was a huge economic strain. Only 16% of the cost of the war was paid in tax.
      1. War bonds were used and money printed
        1. printing money led to very bad inflation
          1. the mark declined 75% in value from 1913-18
          2. German agriculture was not mobilised effectively
            1. 2 million soldiers were killed in WW1
              1. Living standards dropped 20-30%
                1. Food and fuel shortage caused misery
                  1. Shortages made the Spanish flu effect worse
                    1. The Kaiser was sidelined by the military, and much of the work was done by Hindenburg.
                      1. Germany's defeat was shocking to many Germans
                        1. Stab in the back myth
                      2. The Kaiser was sidelined- the 'silent dictator'
                        1. Significant strikes were had
                          1. by 1918 there was widespread discontent
                            1. War -> formation of communist Spartacist league
                              1. 1917- SPD splits into SPD and radical USPD
                                1. Initially wanted Burgfriede
                                  1. This changed to the Right wanting Siegfriede
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