Isolationism in the USA

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isolationist policies in the USA in the 1920s

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Isolationism in the USA
  1. Reducing imports
    1. Stimulation of the domestic market
      1. Emergency Tariff Act-May 1921
        1. Increases agricultural import price-discourages buyers
          1. Domestic goods become cheaper
        2. Budget and Accounting Act- June 1921
          1. Government gets bigger budget
            1. Can cope from reduction of exports
          2. Reducing exports
            1. Revenue Act- Nov. 1921
              1. Changed taxes, cut individual and war time taxes from people with high profit
                1. Rise in taxe paid by businesses-1922
                  1. Americans made more money to buy more American goods but cost of living increased too so no inflation
              2. Fordney and McCumber Tariff act- Sept. 1922
                1. Raised general tariffs and new tariffs on industrial goods. Gave the president power to raise the tariff yearly in line with the selling price of goods.
                  1. Increases import price too
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