Immigration in the 1920s USA

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immigration in the USA in the 1920s

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Immigration in the 1920s USA
  1. Why immigration?
    1. To get away from war and poverty
      1. Jews fleeing persecution
        1. Many italians fleeing poverty- intended to make money and send it back home to their families
          1. Most from: Great Britain, Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy
          2. Attitudes to Immigration
            1. America used to have an open-door policy
              1. 1921 Emergency Quota Act- restricted immigration to 3% of all immigrants
                1. 1924 Immigration Act reduced immigration to 2% and set a 150,000 limit/year
                  1. 1900-1920 -- 1.5 million immigrants emigrated from Europe to America
                  2. Challenges that immigrants faced
                    1. High levels of prejudice against eastern europeans and italians
                      1. Immigrants were often poor and un-skilled
                        1. They lived in poor, high-crime areas
                        2. Some didn't bother to learn the language
                          1. Often brought bad influences and political ideas- ex: italian mafias and eastern europeans bringing communism
                          2. Sacco and Vanzetti case
                            1. April 1920- $15,000 stolen + 2 men killed in an armed robbery
                              1. May 1920- Sacco and Vanzetti ( italian immigrants and anarchists) were found in the car the police thought was used for the crime and with 2 guns with matching bullets
                                1. No clear evidence but case became more against their radical political ideas
                                  1. Prosecution used racism
                                    1. They were sentenced to death
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